Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Square or not?

At the end of Project 6 cropping the same image in varying ways comes up. I try different crops for most shots, probably down to Graphic Design, but I find I may be relying on Photoshop rather than getting it bang on straight from the view finder. Problem is I love 6x6 format images, not sure why but they always stick out to me. Again with Graphic design I'm used to working with a square for a sleeve. I'm waiting on a new focusing screen for my SLR with a grid of 3rds so I'm hoping this will help me out... Here's an image I shot with a square format in mind. It works OK for the original un-cropped image but I like the symmetry the square formate creates on the sea view. For the waterfall, again, the symmetry works for me. One thing I wonder is if the rule of 3rds works the same with a square format?





Both waterfall shots {f22, 30 seconds, iso100} around midnight with a bloody great big light.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Mixed Projects at Mersea Island

We went to Mersea Island today, unfortunately I only took my compact with me but the visit has inspired me to go there again ASAP. I want to follow up on at least 3 or 4 shots here. There's a lot here and I've tried to think of many of the projects, this will also be another image sequence for Project 8 to be finished shortly.

I've tried to think of placing objects in varying positions in the fame (Project 7), the framing of the image (Project 6) and the balance of objects in the frame (Project 11, 12 and 13). I want to cover some of the later projects in a lot more detail but felt this was an OK thing to do, ultimately I will need to have all of these theories in mind to create better images in the future.

I've got to say I found the compact really nice as I didn't have to think about many settings. This made for a nice flow. It's been good to look at and see images within these waiting to be taken with a little more care and attention using my SLR and a tripod etc...

Here we go...

Friday, 6 March 2009

Project 8

Recording a sequence.

Following from Project 9's images this is where I went... I found this interesting afterwards. Odd. It seemed silly.

Again, I'm rushing through this blog as I really need to get on with the course and not worry so much about it all. It's all still a little uncomfortable learning in a structured manner.

And my final image!

{f7.1 - 1/50 - iso400}

Not exactly the same as the images in the course material but interesting to me to see where I ended up. Alot more abstract than I'd expected. nice!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Project 9

This was a quick project using the various focal lengths I can achieve with the lenses I have.





I've used this scene as I was there for another project to be honest. The sun was above and behind the shell building in the 400mm shot so it wasn't the best time for the photos. I've also been struggling getting back in to the project since xmas so I really needed to get a move on.

In the end I prefer the first image (28mm) for the foreground detail. I understood that I can get different images from one scene with various focus lengths so this was a bit of a dull project for me TBH. Also I could have done with a 800mm to zoom right in on the angel above the door on the shell building.

This was shot in Hatfield Forest.

Project 7

Needed to get cracking! Objects in different positions in the frame.

Centered in the frame

A little off center

close to the edge


A little way off centered

Close to the edge

On the pictures of Sammy my dog I preferred the image where Sam is close to the edge. this is helped by her pose i think, looking in to the center of the image.

Again for the National Trust picture I preferred the object to be to the edge...

I found this a nice thing to try as I shoot. there 3 options that all have their own merits. Some will work better for different applications. I suppose as a graphic designer I like the space both of these preferred shots have created, perfect for some text!