Monday, 2 February 2009

Red Harry "Give me all your nuts"

Well we're snowed in at a cottage in Cumbria! Oddly email and internet work but the phones are dead and the roads are invisible.... Here's a picture of Harry the Red Squirrel. He's come every morning for a feed! More to come when I get home.... I'm still trying for one of him in the snow.


Duncan Astbury said...

Even up here in Scotland reds are not common so this is great. I hope you get a good shot in the snow.

Finchley land girl said...

This is so exciting to see a red in England. I thought they were confined to one or two places in Scotland. Thanks for this post.

Susan D said...

What a great shot of our native squirrel. I'll have to take a trip to Formby Point Red Squirrel Reserve to see if I can get a photo of one for TAOP